About Paintball

Paintball has been around for a long time but in the last few years has made an impact on the sports world. Paintball is palyed all over the world and can be played on a professional level or just for fun.

Paintball is primarilay played in two catagories which is speed ball or woods ball. When played on a professional level the sport is highly competative and fast paced. Many countries play year round and have all kinds of different events to make the sport fun and challenging.

To play paintball you have to be aware that safety must always come first and that no matter where you play whether it is in your back yard or on a professionally run field you should never play without the proper safety gear. To date there have not that many injuries in paintball, but without the proper gear serious injuries could occur and all possible measures should be taken for this not to happen.

Playing paintball is most accellerating sport and is a great way to stay in shape and experience the outdoors in a new way. Because paintball is a sport that is played outside as well as inside it is environmentally safe and all professionally run fields will have strict safety rules to abide by.

Paintball can be played by anyone of any age or sex. Paintball can be played as a group event or can be played as a team sport. Both girls, boys, women and men love to play this sport and it will quarentee a day of fun and excitement.

Paintball Accessories

Once you are playing paintball you will more than likely want some accessories that you may not have when you first start. Accessories are things that you probably in most cases do not have to have but would be nice to have.

Allot of players like to do upgrades on their guns once they have been playing for awhile which will usually be an asset when playing a game. Besides the obvious that you need to play which is the gun, mask, hopper, barrel condom, and tank you may find that you will like to also have the following things.

One of the best things to add to your paintball collection is a pod pack, this will allow you to take refills on the field with during games and save you the problem of running out of paint during the game. Pod packs can be different sizes and can hold different numbers of pods.

Now if you have the pod pack you will need the pods for in it, so don’t forget them, some packs may come with them but most won’t. Another accessory some players like to have is a neck guard, this helps protect your neck if you were to get shot there.

Gloves is another thing allot of players will wear, a hit on the knuckles can hurt sometimes more than in the leg or arm. Tank covers is another thing that is a good thing to have, this will protect your tank and keep it from getting scratched.

Having a case to carry your gun in is another added piece of equipment that would save your gun from wear and tear. There are many different types of paintball accessories and depending on what you have for a gun and how serious of a paintball player you are will depend on the amount of accessories you will need and want.

Paintball Clothing

Paintball ClothingHaving the proper paintball clothing is an asset when playing paintball for the simple fact that it protect your body from any paintballs that you may get hit with. Although it is not a necessity to play it will have more protection than normal clothing.

Some players if only playing once in awhile may not want to spend out the money to suit up in the paintball clothes for only once in awhile playing. If you are on a team and play on a regular basis you will more than likely want to purchase the proper paintball clothing.

There are different types of clothing depending on what your playing and if you are on a team or not. Woods ball players will usually dress in camo gear and will desguise themselves in many ways. Although this is a great idea it is certainly not necessary to play the sport. Many players do not want the expense of buying an outfit so they will play in whatever they are comfortable in.

You can purchase everything from neck accessories down to the shoes you wear. There are many different colors to choose from and in many cases the masks can be colored to the uniform.

Some players when playing woodsball especially will even paint their faces to blend in to their surroundings. There are many different brand names and there really is no right or wrong to what you would wear, it is basically up to the individuals taste.


Paintball GunsPicking the right gun to play paintball will depend on the type of paintball you want to play. It will probably depend on whether you are planning to play on a team or maybe you just want play around in your back yard.

Choosing the right gun can be a hard task because there are so many different types. You should do your homework and research the different types you are interested in. Keeping in mind the type of paintball you want to play and how much playing time you are planning to put in.

Paintball guns and equipment can be a costly endeavor so shop around before making a purchase. If you want to play speedball then you will need a faster shooting gun and with that you will need a hopper that can keep up to the paint you shoot. In saying that you also want an accurate gun that can hold a good distance. Some guns do better with an upgraded barrel for better accuracy

Playing woods ball does not have the need for a fast shooting gun but you should still have a good gun that will hold distance and accuracy. These guns are sometimes also in camouflage colors to blend in with the woods.

Sometimes when you buy a gun you can get package deals that will give you some of the accessories you need to get started. If not, once you have chosen your gun you will still need a hopper, barrel condom, air tank, and a mask in order to play on any good professionally run field.

Speed Ball

Playing speed ball can be a very exhilarating and fast paced experience. If you decide to try your hand in this type of paintball then you will need a faster gun than what most use in woods ball. The rules are the same as far as the objective, and that’s to hit your opponent before he hits you, taking out his whole team to win before he takes out your team.

It is just as important in speedball to have all the necessary gear for safety as it is in any other type of paintball. There are usually two teams that play and they can be made up of anywhere from three man teams and higher.

Playing speedball is different than woods ball in the sense that it is a much faster paced game and the bunkers are on a open field. The number of bunkers and the type will depend on the field and the game your playing.

Different games and places may score the games differently, so it will depend on where your playing and the type of games your playing. In most cases the bunkers are similar to the ones in the above picture but some fields may have their bunkers made out of wood or other types can be used.

The number of bunkers on a field will also depend on the size of the fields and the game being played. Bunkers in speedball can be set up in all different patterns and are often changed from one day to the next. Some fields will take the bunkers down after each day of play to help keep them in good shape and prevent vandalism.

Speedball can be played inside during the winter as well as outside in the summer or warmer times of the year. Speedball players tend to shoot their guns very fast, so if this is the sport you would like to try then be aware of the larger amounts of paint used compared to woods ball players.

Woods Ball

Playing paintball in the form of woods ball is just one of the ways people like to play. In most cases if you like to play woods ball you do not need as fast of a gun as you may in speed ball. Woods ball is just as exciting but a little slower paced than when playing speed ball.

The object is still the same as if you were playing speed ball, and that is to shoot your opponent before he shoots you. When playing this type of game the teams can be small or large and you can have bunkers to hide behind made out of all kinds of things, this will depend on the field you play on.

Some fields have extraordinary things to use as bunkers, they may have things made out of wood that resemble things like cars, forts, and pretty much anything that you can imagine. When playing woods ball you also of course have the trees and bushes to hide behind while hunting your opponent down.

There can be all kinds of different games to play in woods ball, like capture the flag and other scenario that will make the game fun and challenging. Teams are divided into two different groups and usually each team will be marked with something of the same color. It is good to play with some strategy to win this game.

Woods ball players tend not to shoot as much paint as speed ball players and the games may last longer as there is usually more objects to hide behind. Players can be dressed in camouflage to blend into the background of the woods or you can wear whatever you want to.

The only thing you have to have is a mask, barrel condom and of course a gun and paint. The rest is totally up to you, but safety should be first and always a concern when playing any kind of paintball.


Paintball safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind when stepping onto a field. Remember that you are dealing with high speed that can cause damage and it can hurt when it makes a connection, especially when it connect with your skin. So it is safe to say that paintball safety should be number one when playing this sport.

To be safe while playing paintball you have to follow the rules of the field your playing on and be respectful to all other players around you. If you do not follow the rules of a field then you will run the risk of being asked to leave and possibly not be allowed to play there again. When a player does not follow rules they put everyone at risk including themselves of being hurt.

Paintball field owners go through allot of work to ensure that the players playing on their fields are safe, a well run professional fields will have the proper rules enforced to ensure safety.

A good field should have proper netting so that paintballs can’t escape outside the playing area. Rules will be set in place to make sure all players are wearing masks at all times when playing and outside the neutral zone and that barrel condoms are on the guns unless inside the playing area.

Paintball is a fun exciting sport that can turn dangerous if the proper safety rules are not followed, these paintball can do damage when they hit a target so all possible measures should be taken to be safe at all times while enjoying this fun sport.

Paintball Rules

Paintball depending on the type of game you are playing will have different rules to the game. Although these rules for different games will vary there are however certain rules that will be the same no matter where you play and that you will have to follow if you want to play on a professionally run field.

In most cases the rules for each field will be posted or be available to all players who want to use the field If the rules are not followed then it could result in you being asked to leave and possibly banned from playing there again, this will depend on the field owners.

One of the most important rules is that you do not remove your mask while on the playing field. There is usually a section where you can remove a mask which may be referred to as a safety zone or neutral zone. This is where most players keep their gear bag and paint. Another rule will be when you are outside the neutral zone you must have a barrel condom on your gun at all times, this will prevent anyone from being shot if the gun were to discharge accidentally.

Another rule will be that before playing a game you will have to make sure your gun is not shooting too fast. Fields will have an area that you can check your gun before you enter the field to actually play a game. The speed of the gun will depend on where you are playing and the game rules.

As far as clothing is concerned you can wear anything you want to, but keep in mind that when you get hit by a paintball it will leave a mark and it is advisable to wear proper clothing before entering a field to play. You will have to wear a mask and have a barrel condom before playing, but the rest is entirely up to you.

Who Can Play

Paintball to allot of people may think that you have to be young to play. This is not the case at all, anyone can play this sport and both men and women love to experience the thrill of paintball.

Paintball has become very popular with military men and women. This gives them the opportunity to sharpen some of the skills they are taught in a military career. Men and women in this type of field tend to like to play woods ball as it is more of the same setting as they would use in their fields.

Other people may book group meetings and play on large teams. Some people like to play for certain occasions like a birthday party or just as a family outing. Most fields will have packages that you can purchase for larger groups.

Most fields will have guns and all the safety gear required to play available for renting at usually affordable prices. You will also be able to purchase paint from a field and some fields will allow you to bring your own paint, this will depend on the field you are using.

No matter who you are, young or old, male or female, anyone can play. You can play on a team or just have fun in your backyard with friends. There is no age limit or sex discrimination when it comes to this sport.

The one thing to remember when playing this sport is to always obey the rules of the field you are playing on. It is very important to wear your helmet at all times while playing and this will ensure your safety as well as the others on the field.

How To Play

Paintball is basically played in two different categories. One which is speed ball and the second called woods ball. Speed ball is a much faster paced way to play paintball than woods ball. Learning to play as a team member and using strategy in a game will make you a better player and highly valued to your team mates.

To play paintball no matter if you are playing on a team or just for fun in your backyard you must practice safety and wear a helmet at all times. Playing a game of paintball can involve different strategies and rules. Depending on the type of game being played will depend on the rules that will apply.

A paintball game can have all different amounts of people depending on the game being played. For instance some woods ball games could have as many as 30 people or more on a team where as a speed ball game may have 3 man games or higher.

The objective of the game is to shoot your opponents before they shoot you. This can take good shooting skills and team work to accomplish. To be out of the game the paintball must not only hit you but must break. If a paintball hits you and does not break you may continue to play. If you are hit in an area that you cannot see well and are unsure of a break or not then you signal to a referee to check you.

Practicing good sportsmanship is always a good practice and being honest will earn you a good name in the sport. Once you are hit in a game there is a dead box area that you will go to until your team either wins or loses. While playing a game you must never take your mask off until you are in a safe zone. This will depend on the field you are playing on and rules will probably be posted.