Paintball Accessories

Once you are playing paintball you will more than likely want some accessories that you may not have when you first start. Accessories are things that you probably in most cases do not have to have but would be nice to have.

Allot of players like to do upgrades on their guns once they have been playing for awhile which will usually be an asset when playing a game. Besides the obvious that you need to play which is the gun, mask, hopper, barrel condom, and tank you may find that you will like to also have the following things.

One of the best things to add to your paintball collection is a pod pack, this will allow you to take refills on the field with during games and save you the problem of running out of paint during the game. Pod packs can be different sizes and can hold different numbers of pods.

Now if you have the pod pack you will need the pods for in it, so don’t forget them, some packs may come with them but most won’t. Another accessory some players like to have is a neck guard, this helps protect your neck if you were to get shot there.

Gloves is another thing allot of players will wear, a hit on the knuckles can hurt sometimes more than in the leg or arm. Tank covers is another thing that is a good thing to have, this will protect your tank and keep it from getting scratched.

Having a case to carry your gun in is another added piece of equipment that would save your gun from wear and tear. There are many different types of paintball accessories and depending on what you have for a gun and how serious of a paintball player you are will depend on the amount of accessories you will need and want.