Paintball safety is one of the most important things to keep in mind when stepping onto a field. Remember that you are dealing with high speed that can cause damage and it can hurt when it makes a connection, especially when it connect with your skin. So it is safe to say that paintball safety should be number one when playing this sport.

To be safe while playing paintball you have to follow the rules of the field your playing on and be respectful to all other players around you. If you do not follow the rules of a field then you will run the risk of being asked to leave and possibly not be allowed to play there again. When a player does not follow rules they put everyone at risk including themselves of being hurt.

Paintball field owners go through allot of work to ensure that the players playing on their fields are safe, a well run professional fields will have the proper rules enforced to ensure safety.

A good field should have proper netting so that paintballs can’t escape outside the playing area. Rules will be set in place to make sure all players are wearing masks at all times when playing and outside the neutral zone and that barrel condoms are on the guns unless inside the playing area.

Paintball is a fun exciting sport that can turn dangerous if the proper safety rules are not followed, these paintball can do damage when they hit a target so all possible measures should be taken to be safe at all times while enjoying this fun sport.