Speed Ball

Playing speed ball can be a very exhilarating and fast paced experience. If you decide to try your hand in this type of paintball then you will need a faster gun than what most use in woods ball. The rules are the same as far as the objective, and that’s to hit your opponent before he hits you, taking out his whole team to win before he takes out your team.

It is just as important in speedball to have all the necessary gear for safety as it is in any other type of paintball. There are usually two teams that play and they can be made up of anywhere from three man teams and higher.

Playing speedball is different than woods ball in the sense that it is a much faster paced game and the bunkers are on a open field. The number of bunkers and the type will depend on the field and the game your playing.

Different games and places may score the games differently, so it will depend on where your playing and the type of games your playing. In most cases the bunkers are similar to the ones in the above picture but some fields may have their bunkers made out of wood or other types can be used.

The number of bunkers on a field will also depend on the size of the fields and the game being played. Bunkers in speedball can be set up in all different patterns and are often changed from one day to the next. Some fields will take the bunkers down after each day of play to help keep them in good shape and prevent vandalism.

Speedball can be played inside during the winter as well as outside in the summer or warmer times of the year. Speedball players tend to shoot their guns very fast, so if this is the sport you would like to try then be aware of the larger amounts of paint used compared to woods ball players.