Who Can Play

Paintball to allot of people may think that you have to be young to play. This is not the case at all, anyone can play this sport and both men and women love to experience the thrill of paintball.

Paintball has become very popular with military men and women. This gives them the opportunity to sharpen some of the skills they are taught in a military career. Men and women in this type of field tend to like to play woods ball as it is more of the same setting as they would use in their fields.

Other people may book group meetings and play on large teams. Some people like to play for certain occasions like a birthday party or just as a family outing. Most fields will have packages that you can purchase for larger groups.

Most fields will have guns and all the safety gear required to play available for renting at usually affordable prices. You will also be able to purchase paint from a field and some fields will allow you to bring your own paint, this will depend on the field you are using.

No matter who you are, young or old, male or female, anyone can play. You can play on a team or just have fun in your backyard with friends. There is no age limit or sex discrimination when it comes to this sport.

The one thing to remember when playing this sport is to always obey the rules of the field you are playing on. It is very important to wear your helmet at all times while playing and this will ensure your safety as well as the others on the field.