Woods Ball

Playing paintball in the form of woods ball is just one of the ways people like to play. In most cases if you like to play woods ball you do not need as fast of a gun as you may in speed ball. Woods ball is just as exciting but a little slower paced than when playing speed ball.

The object is still the same as if you were playing speed ball, and that is to shoot your opponent before he shoots you. When playing this type of game the teams can be small or large and you can have bunkers to hide behind made out of all kinds of things, this will depend on the field you play on.

Some fields have extraordinary things to use as bunkers, they may have things made out of wood that resemble things like cars, forts, and pretty much anything that you can imagine. When playing woods ball you also of course have the trees and bushes to hide behind while hunting your opponent down.

There can be all kinds of different games to play in woods ball, like capture the flag and other scenario that will make the game fun and challenging. Teams are divided into two different groups and usually each team will be marked with something of the same color. It is good to play with some strategy to win this game.

Woods ball players tend not to shoot as much paint as speed ball players and the games may last longer as there is usually more objects to hide behind. Players can be dressed in camouflage to blend into the background of the woods or you can wear whatever you want to.

The only thing you have to have is a mask, barrel condom and of course a gun and paint. The rest is totally up to you, but safety should be first and always a concern when playing any kind of paintball.